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Calibration Grating TGZ2


Calibration grating  TGZ2 is intended for Z-axis calibration of scanning probe microscopes and nonlinearity measurements.


Grating description


- Si wafer
- the grating is formed on the layer of SiO2

Pattern types:

1- Dimensional (in Z-axis direction)

Step height:

TGZ2 - 110±10 nm*


3±0,05 µm

Chip size:

5x5x0,5 mm

Effective area:

central square 3x3 mm

Fig.1 SEM photo of grating TGZ series 

* - the average meaning, written on the grating's box, is based on the measurements of 5 gratings with the same height (from the batch of 300 gratings) by AFM calibrated by PTB certified grating set TGS1. This value is more exact than Basic step height. Basic step height can vary depending on different batches and is specified above.