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HA_FM/HC cantilevers were specially developed as cantilevers with magnetic high coercitive tips for MFM measurements in an external field.

Developing this new model we have combined several features that increase their coercivity:
 - Special tip's shape. A flat area of transition between tip's conical and cylindrical parts serves as a strong magnet, which field is transfered to tip's apex along coating of cone's sides. This additional magnetic field makes tip's apex moment stronger and more stable;
 - Increased coating thickness. While standard MFM probes are coated with magnetic layer of 30 nm to acheive the best topography resolution / MFM sensitivity ratio, HA_FM/NC probes are covered with 60 nm layer. It increases overall magnetic moment of tip's apex and its stability too.
 - Special material. For High Coercitive cantilevers we use CoCr coating, which has got better coercivity than other similar materials like CoFe, Co and FeNi.
AFM cantilevers' HA_FM/HC properties:
Standard chip size: 3.6 х 1.6 х 0.4 mm, - makes cantilevers compatible with most of commercial AFMs.
Cantilever's material, silicon, is highly doped preventing from static charges' collection.
Reflective side is covered by Au layer, enhancing registration signal.
Tip side is covered by CoCr magnetic material with an additional layer that prevents from oxidation. 
Thickness of magnetic layer is around 60 nm.
Average curvature radius is 65 nm.
Cantilever type A B Typical dispersion
Length, L (µm) 223 183 ± 2
Width, W (µm) 34 34 ± 3
Thickness, H (µm) 3 3 ± 0.15
Force Constant (N/m) 3.5 6 ±20%
Resonant frequency (kHz) 77 114 ± 10%

*by the customer's request cantilevers with different coating thickness could be manufactured. It will change their magnetic moment to fit to different experimental conditions and sample's requirements.

Amount Discounts** applied for ETALON probe series


Quantity of boxes with 50 chips


Price per standard probe (two levers)

Price per probe with conductive coating

2 (100 probes)


12 Euro

13,12 Euro

3 (150 probes)


11,55 Euro

12,63 Euro

4 (200 probes)


11,25 Euro

12,3 Euro

5 (250 probes)


10,8 Euro

11,81 Euro

6 (300 probes)


10,5 Euro

11,48 Euro

7 (350 probes)


10,05 Euro

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8 (400 probes)


9,75 Euro

10,66 Euro

How to get amount discount:

1. Add a box with 50 probes* to the Shopping Cart.

2. Change in the Shopping Cart the box quantity to the one you need.

3. Click the button 'Reculculate!' and get your discount.


* You can choose boxes with 50 probes of different ETALON series.

For example - for the order:

HA_FM/50 - 1 box

HA_NC/50 - 2 boxes

HA_HR/Pt/50 - 1 box

amount discount will be 25%, since 4 boxes with 50 chips are ordered.

** - for USA market there is another discount system. Please, contact us for further information.